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Soyons plus vite que le rapide départ (1993) (bekijk/bestel)
version for trumpet
dedicated to Marko Blaauw
published by Donemus
duration: 8'
MWL 82b

Arc I (1994) (bekijk/bestel)
for string quartet
commissioned by the Stichting Nieuwe Muziek Brabant
dedicated to the Weidler Kwartet
duration: 17'
MWL 91

Caccia I (1994) (bekijk/bestel)
for 2 trumpets
also available for organ solo
duration: 2'
MWL 92a

Time and time again (1998) (bekijk/bestel)
for 5 recorders
commissioned by FST
published by Donemus
duration: 13'
MWL 109

The seasons (1998) (bekijk/bestel)
for recorder quartet
commissioned by Dinie Goedhart
dedicated to the Province of Friesland
published by Donemus
duration: 12'
MWL 110

Beweging tot stilstaan gemaand (1998)
canon for 10 instruments
commissioned by the Escher Ensemble
not published
duration: ca. 5'
MWL 113

Monodie (1998)
for bass recorder
dedicated to Geert van Gele
not published
duration: ca. 5'
MWL 114

Tombeau pour Ton de Leeuw (1926-1996) (1998) (bekijk/bestel)
versions for violoncello/violoncello and piano
In memoriam Ton de Leeuw
published by Donemus
duration: ca 4'
MWL 115

Ordre (2000) (bekijk/bestel)
for French horn, 2 trumpet and 2 trombones
commissioned by the Eerste Kamer at the occassion of Prinsjesdag 2000
published by Donemus
duration: 8'
MWL 119

Blues for Marcel (2000) (bekijk/bestel)
for piano
commissioned by Marcel Worms
dedicated to Marcel Worms
published by Donemus
duration: 3'30"
MWL 121

Archipel VII/Gran partita/hommage à César Franck (2002) (bekijk/bestel)
for wind quintet and double bass
commissioned by the Frysk Blazers Ensemble
published by Donemus
duration: 12'
MWL 127b

Mit wechselndem Schlüssel schliesst du das Haus auf... (2003) (bekijk/bestel)
for violin and organ
commissioned by FST
dedicated to Jan Jansen and Janine Jansen
published by Donemus
duration: ca. 15’
MWL 130