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Kleine cantate voor de kerstnacht (1961)
for high voice, mixed choir, recorder and organ
published by Ars Nova
duration: 8'
text: Old Dutch Christmas Song

Bruiloftsmadrigaal voor Henriette Feith en René Leegte (1996)
for organ and voice
dedicated to Henriette Feith and René Leegte
not published
duration: ca 3'
cd 15
text: Rhijnvis Feith/Hooglied
MWL 100

Prometheus (2008)
for 3 organs and 3 voices
commissioned by Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam
dedicated to Het Orgelpark
not published
duration: ca 10'
text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
MWL 160

Psaume 121 (1962) (bekijk/bestel)
for mixed choir
dedicated to Wim Bartz and the St. Caecilia Choir, Sint Jansteen
published by Harmonia
duration: ca 4'
cd 7, 8, 9, 22, 33 en 36
text: Bible

Psaume 133 (1968) (bekijk/bestel)
for mixed choir
published by Harmonia
duration: ca 7'
cd 22, 36
text: Bible

Music about poor and bad people (1973) (bekijk/bestel)
for soprano, contralto, tenor and mixed choir
commissioned by the Johan Wagenaarstichting
dedicated to John Gale
published by Donemus
duration: 5'
text: Francois Villon (French) and Latin text
MWL 16

Five songs on English poems (1974) (bekijk/bestel)
for low voice and harpsichord, piano or organ
dedicated to Max Geene
published by Donemus
duration: 12'
texts: W.S. Landor, G.M. Hopkins, W. Raleigh, W. Drummond and T. Hood
MWL 17

Three times (1974) (bekijk/bestel)
for mixed choir and ensemble
commissioned by Cultuurfonds BUMA
dedicated to Toonkunstkoor Gorichem
duration: 15'
text: from Tamil Veda and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
MWL 18

Madrigaal (Koninginnepage) (1976) (klik hier voor een voorbeeld)
for mixed choir
dedicated to Jo Janssen
published by Annie Bank
duration: 6'
text: Jo Janssen
MWL 22

Vier psalmen (1976) (bekijk/bestel)
for 2 mixed choirs
commissioned by BUMA-fonds
dedicated to Jan Boeke
published by Donemus
duration: 10'
text: Bible translation by I. Gerhardt and M. van der Zeyde
MWL 23

Job (1976) (bekijk/bestel)
for baritone, men's choir, 2 trumpets, trombone, bass trombone and 3 percussionists
commissioned by the Nederlandse Regering/Dutch Government
dedicated to Ina Manneke
published by Donemus
duration: 40'
text: Bible
MWL 24

Drie vogelminiaturen (1977)
for 4 voices and 2 instruments
published by Huismuziek (n Huismuziek, vol. 145)
duration: ca 3'
text: Jo Janssen
MWL 26